Three Boston Restaurants That are a Must Try

Boston, a city full of culture, sports fanatics, a thriving economy and a great number of eligible bachelors. Surprising enough, the City on the Hill is also famous for its tantalizing cuisines you ought to try when in town. In fact, here are three of the best Boston restaurants you should definitely check into.

Bancroft on Burlington Avenue

You know you are at the Bancroft when the plate in front of you holds a giant juicy stake with flavors that will dazzle you. If you find yourself on Burlington 3rd Avenue, knowingly or by chance, make lunch reservations at this acclaimed Boston Steakhouse. Inside the ambience is modern and welcoming and the menu maintains that American steakhouse signature.

There can never be a dull moment under Chef Mario and team who will start you off with a Boston Clam Chowder or an Iced Shrimp Cocktail. Or maybe you prefer the fried Ipswich clams while your lunch mate tries the vine ripe tomato bisque. These will cost you anywhere from $10 to $18 as you warm up for the main course.

Now for the entree, you can order the charred steak with a dash of red wine sauce and mashed Yukon. For the chicken lover, some Giannone breasts are an excellent choice served with rainbow carrots and white corn polenta. But if you really want to blow your tastes buds, order some grilled lamb chops with eggplant puree on the side and roast tomato garnish.

Wash all that down with a soothing cocktail; and the Bancroft can be really innovative with their drinks.

The Neptune Oyster

For the seafood lover, The Neptune Oyster on Salem Street beckons. The ambience is chic, enticing and inviting which resonates in how they prepare and serve their delicacies too. The best part about this sea food joint is in how they shape their menus. Each day of the week has a themed cuisine delicacy, so you have a chance to sample the chef’s finest. Monday should be a good day for Lobster Spaghettini served with sorghum salad or wild ramp vinaigrette.

Tuesday is an interesting day as well, you will enjoy Sea Urchin Ditalini with an accompaniment of your choice. Wednesday is for shell crabs, Thursdays for shrimps, Fridays for squid risotto and the weekends for Bottarga Vongole or Lobster Tacos. But chef Daniel and Ross don’t want to limit your taste buds, so they offer other options like North End Cioppino, Acadian Redfish with Chips or roasted char served with celery and forest mushrooms.

They have a bar alright but not the kind that serves Bloody-Marys. It’s a Raw Bar for those who like their seafood uncooked. So go out of your way and try the shrimp, white anchovy or razor clam cocktail.

The Bergamot

Located on Beacon Street is the Bergamot which is a breath of fresh air from your ordinary dining experience. Inside the ambience is warm, cozy and abuzz with intimate conversations. The Bergamot is that special place for a date or honeymoon vacation with your better half.

They only serve dinner specials with a price that ranges below $100. With some ambient music offering a romantic background, start the evening off with some baby beets, fried mussels, or smoked shrimp. An equally tantalizing alternative is chicken liver inn gooseberry sauce, accompanied with creamed greens and walnut garnish.

For the main course, indulge your vegan buds in stewed tomatoes accompanied with crisped squash blossom, massaged with Burrata cheese and olive garnish. For the meat lover, the grilled hanger steak in pepper jelly with shiitake mushrooms is a tantalizing choice. Throw in some sweet potato for that enriching pizzazz.

There are plenty of Boston restaurants serving decent menus, but these three should be top on your list. The next time you want some seafood, steakhouse special or just a cozy place with good food and room for hearty conversations, you know the place to go.


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