Top 5 Hotel Bars In Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, boasts of a bustling night life as well as its classy bars and restaurants. Some of the bars are found in hotel lobbies while others are standalone. They are frequented by locals and tourist revelers because they feature famed cocktails and a good drinking ambience.

Alibi Bar

alibi bar

Alibi bar is located on North End and Beacon Hill on the site where the Charles Street Prison stood. In fact, the bar has since used the old prison as its main theme. Today, it features thick brick walls, cell windows and doors as well as the prison’s original stone floors. In addition, it also features celebrity mug shots of personalities like Frank Sinatra, Nolte and Morrison. Today, the bar has added posh leather couches, candlelight and dark wood tables. Alibi is famed for its jail-themed cocktails like “Gordon Gekko,” “walk of shame,” and “the doing thyme.”

The Last Hurrahthe last hurrah

The Last Hurrah is located in the Downtown and Waterfront area of Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in one of the oldest hotels in the country. The classy bar boasts of leather cushioned chairs and wood paneling with a sleek finish. The Boston cream pie, invented sometime in the 19th century, is a famed tourist attraction. The bar has an extensive menu of drinks including the cream pie martini, the Dickens Punch, and an impressive whiskey menu.

Omni Parker House

omni parker house lobby

Omni Parker House is located on 60 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts. The bar has a warm, inviting and elegant feel. It offers specialty cocktails and drinks. Omni Parker House boasts of over 150 years of rich history. The hotel was founded in 1855 by Harvey D. Parker. Today, it stands as the oldest and most elegant inn in Boston. Charles Dickens even stayed here for 5 months in his apartment where he wrote and performed A Christmas Carrol at the hotel.

The Omni Parker House still has the door to his room and the mirror he used to practice his performance.


The Noir bar has a 1940s theme and a chic, lounge-like feel. It is frequented by late-night revelers and an after-work crowd who are drawn by its signature cocktails. Locals love the happy hour because the bar offers tasty small plates and discounted drinks. Its signature cocktails are inspired by film noirs. These include the LA Confidential (Cointreau, peach nectar, champagne and Stoli peach) and Black Dahlia (Triple sec, Reyka vodka, pom juice, lemon and blackberries).

The Hawthorne

The Hawthorne bar is located in the lobby of the famous Hotel Commonwealth. The bar is highly polished with lavish seats, coffee table books and framed photos set above the fireplace. This makes for a relaxed bar room environment. Its cutting-edge cocktails are made by one of the most famed mixologists in the country, Jackson Cannon. Cannon’s menu features rare classics like Pimm’s Cups.

There are many excellent hotel bars in Boston, Massachusetts, with a rich history and interesting themes. The city’s visitors and locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to the best place to get a drink.


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