Little Known Places To Visit In Boston

We all know where to take first-timers when they visit a new destination. For instance, when you visit Boston for the first time, you are likely to be taken to places such as Harvard Yard, Fenway Park, and The Freedom Trail. To tourists, such places provide a unique experience where they get to learn more about this city and the people living in it. But did you know that there are far more places you can visit while in Boston? Sure, the college students have a nice handle on the best spots in the city, but even they haven’t visit all the good spots. This article shares information on lesser-known places to visit in Boston.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Now you might be wondering what you could possibly see at a cemetery in Boston, but Mount Auburn Cemetery is no ordinary burial ground. Opened in the 1830s, this Garden cemetery was designed with both the dead and the living in mind. The 175-acre ground serves as a resting places for over 90,000 souls buried over the years. There are plenty of activities you can go on while visiting this part of Boston including bird watching, walking, and relaxing. The best part about Mount Auburn Cemetery is the fact that it is free for everyone and opened throughout the year.

Watch Street Performers at Faneuil Hall

While Faneuil Hall is a popular tourist destination, not everyone visiting this part of Boston understands exactly what it has to offer. Faneuil Hall is home to some of the most talented street performers you’ll find anywhere else in the city. To ensure you get quality performances, all the participants have to audition before they are allowed to perform in the streets. On any given day, you will come across comedians, sword throwers, jugglers and escape artists.

Boston Harbor Islands

Boston Harbor Islands are largely underrated even though they have plenty to offer to visitors. Here you will find a total of 34 islands, all waiting to be explored. You can go on activities such as hiking and camping, or visit the Civil War-era fort and public beaches. You can also get a first-hand look at the oldest lighthouse in the United States.

Travel Back in Time by Visiting the Coolidge Corner Theatre

The Coolidge Corner Theatre was established back in the year 1930 and still maintains its original charm 80 years later. This independent theatre screens both classic and modern films, allowing you the opportunity to explore Hollywood’s golden age.

Visit the Museum of bad Art (MOBA)

We’ve all been to museums where everything is meant to either frighten you, amuse you or educate you. But have you heard about a museum that only displays the worst kind of art there has ever been? That is exactly what you get when you visit MOBA. This is not to say that your experience here is going to be awful — on the contrary, you are bound to enjoy your time here regardless of whether you are an art enthusiast or not.


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